Brinton Woods Health & Rehabilitation Center of Washington, D.C.

Family Council


Our mission at Brinton Woods Health and Rehabilitation Center of Washington, D.C. is to promote, protect, and strengthen traditional family values while being creative and showing humility to the individuals and families that we serve.


To achieve excellence as an innovative family council by exhibiting continuous quality assurance and performance improvement efforts to ensure that all residents are treated with respect and kindness; to foster positive relationships; to partner with the facility staff to assist each resident to achieve a healthy, fun-filled, and rewarding lifestyle during their long or short-term stay at Brinton Woods of Washington, D.C.

Join Us

Please join us at the family council meetings! Come with your ideas, thoughts, and topics for discussion every second Saturday of each month from 2:00pm to 3:30pm. Brinton Woods Health and Rehabilitation Center of Washington, D.C. is located at:
1380 Southern Ave, SE
Washington, D.C. 20032

We are here to assist you with your family member’s integration to Brinton Woods of Washington, D.C. We will work to support you by addressing your concerns or questions, as we share with you the encouragement and comfort of knowing that you have made the right decision. Please feel free to contact us at 202-279-5883.

Glenda Harden Boston, President
Joyce Thomas, Vice President
Elizabeth Brown, Treasurer
Consuela Ellis, Volunteer Ombudsman

2016 Brinton Woods Family Council Events Schedule:
January 9, 2016First 2016 Brinton Woods of Washington, D.C. Family Council Meeting - Family Members Welcome!
February 13, 2016 Vision Presentation – Evelyn Cook
March 12, 2016Dementia & Alzheimer – Glenda Harden Boston
April 9, 2016 Prearrangement & Harmony – Joyce Thomas
May 7, 2016 Mother’s Day Gifts Delivered To Female Residents
June - TBDBake Sale
June 18, 2016Father’s Day Gifts Delivered To Male Residents
July 9, 2016 Power of Attorney Educational Presentation Staff/Family - Connie Ellis
September 10, 2016Emergency Preparedness – Marcella Chloe
October 8, 2016 Cancer Awareness - Ann Carver-Jones
November - TBDBake Sale
November 12, 2016Diabetes - Sharon Clemmons
December 17, 2016Christmas Holiday Celebration for Residents and Family