Best Nursing Facilities

Brinton Woods Health and Rehabilitation Centers at Dupont Circle and Winfield have been rated Best Nursing Facilities by U.S. News and World Report!

As loved ones age and lose their ability to function on their own, maybe for just a few days or weeks after a hospitalization but perhaps much longer, their families may need to consider a skilled nursing facility. To help narrow their search, U.S. News & World Report has compiled information for nearly 16,000 facilities across the country and our two Brinton Woods facilities were rated best.

Where can I find the ratings?

Best Nursing Homes allows you to search for a home by ZIP code.
Nursing Homes by Location allows you to select a state, region or metro area for your search.
Nursing Homes Search allows you to search for a nursing home by name.

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Why does U.S. News rate nursing homes?

On any given morning this year, roughly 1.4 million individuals, including one in every 34 individuals 65 and older, will wake up in a U.S. nursing home. U.S. News & World Report wants to help families find a good and caring facility for those they cherish, like our Brinton Woods facilities.

Click here to view our Brinton Woods at Dupont Circle (Location in Northwest Washington, D.C.) Best Facility Rating.

Click here to view our Brinton Woods at Winfield (Located in Carroll County, Maryland) Best Facility Rating.