Why Brinton Woods

A Letter from the President.

why brinton woodsI came up with the name Brinton Woods in 2005 because it appealed to me at that time as representing something pleasant, peaceful, and nurturing. Now ten years later, I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

In the past ten years, the meaning of Brinton Woods has come to represent a fair place to work, a place where our residents are comfortable receiving their care, and a place where family members enjoy visiting their loved ones. We have evolved from operating one facility into delivering a network of care in the Baltimore, Carroll County, and Washington, DC region.

Our success at Brinton Woods hinges on the very idea that if we as managers treat all of our staff fairly, they will in turn be empowered to provide the highest level of care to our residents. Because of this, we have achieved our goal to be one of the best health and rehabilitation providers in our region.

I encourage you to take a tour of our facilities and speak with our team members because I know you will be compelled to have yourself or your loved one cared for in one of our Brinton Woods facilities. At Brinton Woods, we care for our residents as if they are our own family.

Daren Cortese
President and Owner