Mission Statement & Philosophy


Mission Statement

We at Brinton Woods believe that in order to best meet the needs of our residents, we must treat them with dignity, compassion, and tender loving care. In order to accomplish this we dedicate the time to listen to our residents’ concerns, likes, and dislikes and address each one a very personalized basis. Our care is provided by Maryland based health care professionals that understand the local operating environment of the skilled nursing and rehabilitation industry. Our detail oriented approach is what sets us apart from our competitors, in that we recognize the unique needs of each of our residents and address them in a personalized manner.

Business Philosophy

Brinton Woods employs the highest quality of managers that recognize the importance of treating our employees fairly and with a high level of respect. The company owners and facility managers understand that in order to deliver high quality care it requires daily presence, understanding, attention to detail, and equitable treatment of all of our employees. Our company motto is that if we as managers treat all of our staff fairly, they will in turn be empowered to provide the highest level of care to our residents. A happy staff leads to satisfied residents and satisfied family members. We strive to obtain 100% satisfaction with our employees, our residents, and their family members.